A Mouthful of Humble Pie…I Mean Sushi

I joined a group called The Daring Cooks,
A new challenge each month from international cook books.

The menu  secret ’til a certain day,
So excited I am to weigh in and play.

Pho and Paella, these I can serve,
There’s just no way they can throw me a curve.

Feeling good, my confidence high,
‘Til I find out it’s Sushi! Why oh why?!

My kitchen my realm, I don’t like to fail,
So I buck up and think, “I must prevail!”

Dragon Roll

Dragon Roll first and not too bad,
BBQ’d eel – worse I’ve had.

But a picture of beauty I cannot say,
This roll I would not put on display.

Decorative Roll next on the list,
This one I failed, I really missed!

Rice shiny and tangy, a perfect sight,
But I rolled it as big as an elephant’s bite.

At the sushi bar, there is much to see,
Fish and nori, the sauce is key.

It comes in bottles with very small tips,
For decorative designs, NOT messy drips.

Decorative "Elephant -Size" Roll

Big blobs of topping not my intent,
Head hung low, I sit and lament.

I take a deep breath and forge ahead,
Though I’d like to throw rice and go to bed.

Nigiri the final challenge to complete,
Surely this is one I can meet.

They say that charms come in three,
Apparently they were not referring to me.

Face in my hands as I think of you looking,
At the pictures of sushi that I have been cooking.

My lofty thoughts of glory and fame,


Humbly brought down to the Hall of Shame.

But, alas, you’ll see me for next month’s dish,
I can only hope that they don’t choose fish.

Thank you so much to Audax of Audax Artifex and Rose of Bite Me Kitchen for coming up with this challenge. It pushed me outside of my comfort zone and sometimes that’s a good thing!

10 thoughts on “A Mouthful of Humble Pie…I Mean Sushi

  1. I think your sushi pictures look great! I am sure that they taste amazing too 🙂

  2. I don’t think you failed at all, and I love your poem! I think your sushi looks great – don’t be so hard on yourself. I hope you’ll feel better about next months challenge – hopefully it’s not fish 🙂

  3. How creative, love the poem! Sorry you were disappointed with the results, but they look great to me!

  4. Well I think you did a good job I think you are being too harsh on your self I can see you did all the rolls and you did the SUSHI RICE PERFECTLY and that is a huge item to make sushi so a 9/10 for the challenge. If you can’t cook the rice all the else doesn’t matter. Cheers from Audax in Australia.

  5. Love the poem! Your sushi looks fantastic!

  6. I think they look pretty!
    Do you do all your posts as poems?
    Wow, I’m impressed!

  7. I think you are amazing, the poem is fantastic and your sushi looks delicious.
    thanks for giving me something to smile.

  8. Your poem has me in fits of giggles every time I see it! That’s how I felt about the DB Macaron challenge FAIL! I think your sushi looks really good though! Especially your dragon roll! I’m sorry it didn’t turn out as good as you’d have liked 😦

    Thanks for trying though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE the poem!!! That is seriously the most awesome way to do a blog post ever!!! Great effort with the sushi, even if it didn’t totally work out!

  10. Oh sure, other folks may put up photo after glorious photo fit for the finest magazine spread, but YOU made me laugh right out loud and right back into the kitchen.
    You’re great! I love you!

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