Espresso Chocolate Truffles

Giddy with pleasure,
This concoction a treasure.

A first to prepare,
It’s a brand new affair.

Chop, measure, mix and heat,
So excited to serve and eat.

Nothing forgot,
All in the pot.

Heat for an hour,
I go take a shower.

Come back to assess…

What’s in my pot is hard as a rock,
But that is just the start of my shock.

The ganache I had made to drizzle on top,
Solidified –  I can’t pour a drop!

I pull it together and take a deep breath,
Tragedy be gone! I am no Macbeth.

So I trash the pot and all it’s lot,
I taste the chocolate, “It’s good!” I thought.

I rolled it in balls and sprinkled with treats,
These are some seriously yummy sweets.

My disaster once so problematic,
Has made me happy, truly ecstatic.

This really was a mistake. I just went with it and my girls and I had fun with different toppings. We used the espresso-flavored ganache and rolled the balls in powdered sugar, crushed short-bread cookies, crushed graham crackers, chopped peanuts and cranberries, crushed anise seeds (my favorite), toasted coconut, fried mint mixed with raw sugar, and a cinnamon/cayenne mix.

I wasn’t working with a recipe which is why I probably messed up. So, I am not going to trip you up with my own crazy mixture. Here is a link to Ina Garten’s Chocolate Truffles which I have made before and which are really delicious!!

5 thoughts on “FABULOUS FOIBLES!

  1. Well salvaged Sue… and I’m lining up for my share. Love the poetry too; my you are very talented. It’s beautifully written!

  2. You could never tell you had a mishap with these truffles. They look delicious!

  3. Truffles are the polar opposite of macarons. No matter what you do to them..how you form them, they look awesome. Yours look awesome..super duper awesome enough that I want to eat some chocolate at 6 am..:)

  4. I love truffles, especially when they come in so many variety of flavors…. great job!

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  5. Love the way you presented these truffles; so elegant, and believe me if there was a technical mistake, I would have never known.

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