The $100.00 Sandwich

The $100 Abalone Sandwich - Photo Courtesy of Eddie B., Brian L. & the Abalone Diving Crew

Guage, iron, float and fins,
Mask, snorkel, second skins.

Dive into the cold and dark,
Watch out for that Great White shark.

Why they cost a small nest egg?
Cuz you just might lose a leg.

Relax into the ebb and flow,
Or suffer a bit of vertigo.

Look for a foot that’s large and black,
Now pry away, don’t push it back.

Give it time to suction down,
And you’ll be down there ’til you drown.

If the legal size you fail,
You might even go to jail.

But score one for the frying pan,
And they’ll be calling you, “Da Man!” (Pathetic, I know)

Lay it on the sourdough,
With bacon, heirlooms and avocado.

Top it with an egg that’s fried,
And serve it up with joy and pride!

ABALONE!! No recipe necessary. It’s just one delicious (and expensive) sandwich!

3 thoughts on “The $100.00 Sandwich

  1. That is one big and juicy sandwich! I was given a recipe for another Brazilian sandwich and it reminded me of it/ Yummy!

  2. Wow-I could gobble that down in record time. Looks fantastic!

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